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I am a music producer and software developer. This site was designed to be an outlet for me to share some of the projects I have done or am currently working on.

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This is a gallery of some coding projects I have done in the past.
I also have a codepen profile in which you can play around and experiment with the code in real time, it's really neat.


The Empireal Formula was my first music alias I created during Junior year in high school, I was exploring the roots of Hip Hop and Electronica. I officially made my debut with the Remix of James Blake’s- “Limit To your Love” back in 2011. Following this, my first single Text Tokyo was featured on the “Texas” compilation album, released by Exponential records for the SXSW Festival 2011. In 2014 I released first full length album which can be streamed via Apple Music, Spotify, or Bandcamp below.